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Joachim Neu

Pronunciation: Joachim [ˈjoːaxɪm] Neu [nɔʏ̯]

Contact: user jneu at domain

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Short bio: Joachim is a PhD candidate at Stanford advised by David Tse. His research interests include decentralized-systems security, distributed systems, applied cryptography, networking, and communications. Recent projects include Internet-scale consensus for heterogeneous user-bases, with applications to provable consensus-security for the Ethereum blockchain, and provable security and performance of consensus protocols under (communication, processing, ...) rate constraints and network-level attacks. While a Masters student at Technical University of Munich and a visiting student researcher at MIT, EPFL, and KAUST, he worked in information and coding theory. He has been supported by Protocol Labs PhD Fellowship, Ethereum Foundation, Stanford Graduate Fellowship, and German Academic Scholarship Foundation.


Decentralized systems and algorithms


Technical reports

  • Just In Time Ethereum Virtual Machine (JIT EVM)
    Joachim Neu
    August 2022
    [Source code] [Talk video (Rust x Ethereum Day)]
  • Data Availability Sampling: From Basics to Open Problems
    Joachim Neu
    August 2022
    [Paradigm blog post]
  • Cosmos without Tendermint: Exploring Narwhal and Bullshark
    Joachim Neu, Georgios Konstantopoulos, Andrew Kirillov
    July 2022
    [Paradigm blog post]
  • Snap-and-Chat Protocols: System Aspects
    Joachim Neu*, Ertem Nusret Tas*, David Tse
    October 2020

Select survey talks

Polar codes and quantization


Master’s thesis

Multi-user information theory


Coding for DNA storage



  • Large blocklength LDPC codes for Illumina sequencing-based DNA storage
    Shubham Chandak, Kedar Tatwawadi, Billy Lau, Matthew Kubit, Jay Mardia, Joachim Neu, Hanlee Ji, Tsachy Weissman, Peter Griffin, Mary Wootters
    ISMB/ECCB, July 2019
    (Poster) [Talk video, presented by Shubham Chandak]

Coded distributed storage and content delivery


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