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Noto Color Emoji and Tango Icons for LaTeX

by Joachim Neu on May 8, 2023

Unlike LuaLaTeX, widespread pdfLaTeX does not readily support colorful emoji fonts such as Google’s Noto Color Emoji font. The twemojis LaTeX package works around these technical limitations by including icons as images rather than as characters.

I have recently ported twemojis to create two new icon packages. Google’s Noto Color Emoji icons are provided by noto-emoji-easy, and Tango icons are provided by tango-icons. Both packages are available on Github.

The files and {noto-emoji-easy,tango-icons}.pdf included in the released {noto-emoji-easy,tango-icons}.zip files detail installation and usage, and provide a searchable list of all available icons. Using the packages in a LaTeX project is as easy as these three steps:

  1. Copy the all-{noto-emoji-easy,tango-icons}.pdf and {noto-emoji-easy,tango-icons}.sty file released on Github into the LaTeX project’s main folder.
  2. Load the package with \usepackage{noto-emoji-easy} or \usepackage{tango-icons}, respectively.
  3. Include an example icon somewhere in the LaTeX document with \notoemoji{smile} or \tangoicon{emotes_face-smile-big}, respectively.

noto-emoji-easy Example Icons

Github: noto-emoji-easy Noto Color Emoji example icons

tango-icons Example Icons

Github: tango-icons Tango example icons